2020 Terminator Catalog

Super Stainless Spinnerbaits 47% more vibration than other spinnerbaits 30% stronger than traditional stainless frames. • Gold or nickel plated blades • Premium ball bearing swivel • QuickSkirt changeable premium silicone skirt • Exclusive beveled edge blade design creates more flash and baitfish look in the water • Premium VMC ® hook S38CW01NN 3/8 oz S12CW01NN 1/2 oz CW-Colorado/Willow Blades 01-Bright White Shad NN-Nickel/Nickel Blades S38WW18GG 3/8 oz S12WW18GG 1/2 oz WW-Willow/Willow Blades 18-Hot Tip Chartreuse GG-Gold/Gold Blades S38CO21NG 3/8 oz S12CO21NG 1/2 oz CO-Colorado/Oklahoma Blades 21-Black Red Flake NG-Nickel/Gold Blades S38CW44GN 3/8 oz S12CW44GN 1/2 oz CW-Colorado/Willow Blades 44-Silver Shad GN-Gold/Nickel Blades S38WW44NN 3/8 oz S12WW44NN 1/2 oz WW-Willow/Willow Blades 44-Silver Shad NN-Nickel/Nickel Blades S38CW81NN 3/8 oz S12CW81NN 1/2 oz CW-Colorado/Willow Blades 81-Silver Shiner NN-Nickel/Nickel Blades S38CW41NG 3/8 oz S12CW41NG 1/2 oz CW-Colorado/Willow Blades 41-Clown NG-Nickel/Gold Blades S38CW18NG 3/8 oz S12CW18NG 1/2 oz CW-Colorado/Willow Blades 18-Hot Tip Chartreuse NG-Nickel/Gold Blades S38CW93GG 3/8 oz S12CW93GG 1/2 oz CW-Colorado/Willow Blades 93-Pumpkinseed GG-Gold/Gold Blades S38WW93GG 3/8 oz S12WW93GG 1/2 oz WW-Willow/Willow Blades 93-Pumpkinseed GG-Gold/Gold Blades S38CW94NG 3/8 oz S12CW94NG 1/2 oz CW-Colorado/Willow Blades 94-Bluegill NG-Nickel/Gold Blades T7 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov ( All items on this page pertain to this warning )