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StrikeMaster and Solo® Engines Drill Like a Team


Trust is a beautiful thing. In fishing, it’s taking a leap of faith in making that first major purchase - faith, that is, in the brand. Then after years of experiencing top performance, buying more gear of the same brand becomes second nature. StrikeMaster Augers has been earning that trust with the ice fishing crowd since 1946. Owners become endorsers and the legacy lives on.

A new chapter in StrikeMaster’s epic story was authored two years ago with the introduction of the Solo® engine - far from an off-the-rack bundle of cheap parts and pieces. No, StrikeMaster went to the German engine masters to find the ideal power source to drive their best of class drills and cutlery. StrikeMaster auger ingenuity with famed German engineering? The truth is stranger than fiction.

Today, the StrikeMaster family of Solo® power augers remains the unchallenged champions of 2-stroke performance and technology. The benchmark Lazer Pro sports a lean but muscular 54cc, 3-horsepower Solo® powerhead with a 40:1 transmission and all heat treated gears. This monstrous-momentum teams with twin stainless steel Lazer blades to drill with staggering power and speed, yet smooth as first ice. And, all that energy weighs only 25-lbs with an 8-inch drill and 28-lbs with 10-inches of hole.

Team member two of the StrikeMaster Solo® trio is the Lazer Mag™. It flaunts the same engineering attributes as its brethren, just toned down to 42cc’s with a 2.5 horsepower engine. This mid-priced, performance workhorse is available with 6- , 7- , 8- and 10-inch carving apparatuses.

The Magnum™ is the fraternal triplet in the StrikeMaster Solo® family. With a sticker price that warmly welcomes folks to the sport of ice fishing, the Magnum carries a 37cc, 2.0 horsepower engine. And like all members of the Solo® strike-force, it’s easily managed with VANDAR® long filament high impact handles - the lightest, most durable handles on the hardwater.

Universal, too, amongst the “Soloists” is an industry best 2-year warranty on the engine.

Starter priced drills to crown jewel models; hand-driven to motorized torque; StrikeMaster Augers remain the brand ice anglers aspire to own.


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